Netflix: Everything you need to know!

Netflix: Everything you need to know!

Netflix is an extremely popular streaming service that lets you watch a vast library of movies and TV shows for a single monthly price. It’s become almost synonymous with binge-watching, and you can use the service on practically any device that has a screen, including phones, tablets, and set-top boxes.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started with Netflix.

What’s new with Netflix?
November 14, 2018 — Netflix is testing a mobile-only plan that costs $4/month

If you’ve ever thought that Netflix cost too much, you may be in luck. According to a Netflix rep that confirmed the news to TechCrunch, the company is testing a new mobile-only plan in Malaysia and “a few other countries” that costs around $4/month.

This essentially makes Netflix 50% cheaper compared to the base $8 plan, the biggest difference, of course, being that you can only watch the service on a smartphone or tablet.

It’s currently unclear if this mobile-only plan will see a wider expansion, but it’s definitely an interesting idea and one that could prove quite beneficial to Netflix in markets where people primarily rely on smartphones as their means of accessing the internet.

July 5, 2018 – Netflix is testing new pricing tiers, may introduce 4K HDR video

Netflix is said to be testing out a $16.99 “Ultra” subscription tier that would offer the same four simultaneous 4K streams as the company’s Premium plan.

If implemented, the company may choose to differentiate between “Premium” and “Ultra” by reducing the Premium tier to two simultaneous 4K streams, while allowing four simultaneous 4K HDR streams on the Ultra tier.

According to CNET, which spoke with a Netflix rep, the company confirmed it was testing different tiers and different plan offerings but said these changes may never be implemented.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online service that lets you stream thousands of movies and TV shows over the internet. Netflix has apps for pretty much every device under the sun like iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, cable boxes, refrigerators (probably) and more.

Do I rent the movie or show I want to watch?

No. Netflix is a subscription service, offering access to its entire content library for a single monthly price.

What kind of TV and movies can I find on Netflix?

Netflix has everything from newer movies and recent seasons of popular shows to a wide selection of old favorites. For instance, the company has an agreement with Disney to be one of the first outlets on which you can find the latest Marvel and Disney movies after they’ve been released on home video. They’ve also got a deal with The CW to get seasons of that network’s shows onto the service soon after they conclude.

Beyond content from deals, Netflix has its own original movies and shows, much in the same vein as HBO or Showtime. These include House of Cards,Orange is the New Black,Master of None, and much more.

Does Netflix offer new episodes of a show’s current season while it’s still airing?

Netflix has stayed away from adding single episodes of TV shows, preferring instead to wait until a show’s season has concluded before trying to get it onto the service, at least in the U.S. With it’s own shows, the company has experimented with releasing a limited number of episodes a couple of time, but Netflix has become known as the place to binge-watch programs, and it has really leaned into that idea.

So it’s like Apple Music or Spotify, but for movies and TV shows?

Yes and no. While the Netflix streaming library is extensive, it’s not as exhaustive as those of the big streaming music services. Additionally, due to the agreements that Netflix makes with the content owners like studios and TV networks, the service’s library is more of a revolving door than that of a music service, with many shows and movies not only being added to Netflix, but also leaving.

Why don’t movies and shows stay on Netflix permanently?

Ah, that’s the dream, isn’t it? A perpetually-growing Netflix library that never gets smaller. Alas, the deals that Netflix makes with the content owners (i.e., studios and networks) prevent the company from keeping everything on its servers for good. Whether its agreements those content providers have with premium cable channels, a home video release, or some other factor, the fact of the matter is that company’s won’t see it has good business to keep their content on Netflix continually.

How often do movies and TV shows arrive on and leave Netflix?

Fairly often. Netflix is constantly updating its library, adding and removing content, if not every day, then at least each week. In particular, the first of each month often sees an influx of new titles to the Netflix catalog, as well as a number of departures.

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What are my mobile viewing options? Can I watch videos offline?

Netflix offers apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, so yes, you can take Netflix with you wherever you go. You can also download movies and TV shows (so long as they support the feature) onto your mobile devices

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix currently has three streaming plans available for customers. The first, available for $7.99 per month, lets you watch on one screen at a time in standard definition. To get high definition, you’ll want the $9.99 plan, which lets you watch on two screens at once (perfect for sharing with a spouse, partner, or roommate) in high definition. The third and final plan allows you to watch on up to four screens at once in HD and Ultra HD (4K, when available) for $11.99 per month.


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